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Ability to Make Clipboard Activities Conditional for Retry

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Kevin McBride

I would like to suggest the ability to make completing a clipboard activity conditional for a retry on an assignment.

I use clipboard activities most to have students go back over concepts they missed on an assignment. I allow a retry only after students have completed this assignment. Right now, this requires students to complete the assignment, then tell me that they did so. Then, I go back in and allow the retry. Having this as a feature in the clipboard app, could really help the workflow.

On the Clipboard app, this could be a checkbox labled "make conditional for retry" then a menu to choose which assignment to allow a retry for.

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Kevin McBride

As I was typing another comment, I saw this heading come up and thought it would be a great idea. Then I realized it was my post from 1 1/2 years ago.

This feature would be very useful to teachers and would align with the way many schools allow a retry on an assignment.

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Elizabeth Mcleod

I would also love to see this feature available

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