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Batch Upload Subscriptions

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Kevin Healy

It would be a great feature to be able to batch upload subscribers to a course or domain. For example, we have courses that are developed as resources to be utilized in any teachers personal course through the DLD. When subscribing potentially over a hundred of teachers to this course, we have to touch each individual and subscribe them. We can batch upload enrollments and observers ... why not subscribers? This would be a great feature!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Kevin, you can subscribe an entire domain of users to individual courses (or even to all courses in a domain). Are all users in a domain supposed to be able to access to this course? Or is it only a subset of the users in the domain? If you could do a domain, then you wouldn't have to update it when new users are added.


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Kevin Healy

I would only want to subscribe certain people within a domain to certain courses within another domain. For example; I have a course for each grade level in elementary, K-5, with resources for that grade level. In my elementary school domain I have teachers for each grade level but don't want them all enrolled in all courses, just their grade-level specific ones.

It would be nice to have a batch upload option utilizing user ID and course ID, just with a change of action from "add" or "delete" to "subscribe".

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