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Cheree Childers

Is there a way to access NWEA question banks in Buzz?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

If you are able to export the question bank from NWEA in a QTI format, you can import them into a Buzz assessment.

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Melissa Moreno

How do you go about doing this in the newest version of Buzz?  Can you point me towards instructions?

I have done it quite a bit in BrainHoney but can not figure out how to do it in Buzz.


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Scott Taylor

Currently there is not an import option for questions in Buzz, it is recommended at this time to import the questions through BrainHoney for use in Buzz. It is on the roadmap to allow question import in Buzz though there is no ETA at this time.

If the question is regarding how do you use a question bank, in the question editor tab of the new item editor there is an option to Link Question next to New Question.

Link question to add existing questions or question banks. From here, you can choose a question or question bank from the current course, or click the list (browse) icon to find questions or question banks from another course you have access to.  (Excerpt from How do I create assessment and homework questions?)

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