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Jeremy Walker

When teachers provide feedback, we feel that this is often even more important than the grades.  Unfortunately, it's very hard for the students to realize that feedback has been submitted and when they are specifically told to look for it, it still requires a good bit of scrolling down just to see it.

We would like to see an indicator button in the student view of the gradebook that would tell them that feedback is available and, if possible, the ability to click on the indicator and just make the feedback pop up.

Likewise, when viewing from Activities, it would be nice if the teacher comments box just appeared without needed to click on the details box or create a separate indicator for it or minimally make it appear at the top of the details screen.

Thanks for considering this request.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

In December 2016, we added improved feedback indicators for students and teacher.

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Carla Diede

I was just about to post this same question and found your post.  I gave students feedback on an assignment and assumed they had read it only to find out they didn't even know I had given them feedback and had to go through a half a dozen things to get to the feedback.  Does anyone have a quick way for students to access feedback they would recommend?  Or a way under the current system for students to know feedback is available to them?

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