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Ryan Josephson

I have had a teacher request for an added discussion board feature.

We would like to be able to hide all student posts until the student has submitted their first post.  It removes the critical thinking aspect for a DB post if a student can read all responses and then post the ideas of their classmates instead of their own ideas.

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Bill Carroll

Agreed.  Letting students 'copy' from previous posts defeats the purpose of critical thinking.  Hiding posts until the student has engaged would definitely be helpful.

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Wendy Cooley

Yes, I agree!  This is very needed so that the students use their own critical thinking skills and do not just copy someone else's ideas. 

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Melissa Moreno

I can see a disadvantage to this, so if you add this feature please allow the teacher to choose to turn it on/off.  I have "I NEED HELP" discussion boards.  I WANT my students to be able to see all of the old posts so that they can search to see if their question has already been asked and answered before they ask the question again.

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Sami Forster

Hello -  This desire came up with a few of our teachers today as a feature that would be really nice for discussion boards.  We do ongoing enrollments and students encounter discussions at various times, the ability to set a board to open all posts after a student responds to the initial prompt would be great - Thanks for considering.

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Annette Walaszek

Agreed, an on/off setting where the teacher could choose to hide posts until a student has submitted a first post would be very helpful. We tell our students to reply to posts in a way that will "keep the discussion moving forward" and this is easier to do when more ideas and viewpoints are expressed.

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Jeffrey Kissinger

This needs to be added ASAP please Agilix.  This is fundamental functionality.  Please put this on the roadmap.  

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that as of today's release, teachers can require that students post first before viewing other discussion posts. See the announcement.

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