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Ryan Josephson

It would be really convenient to add the option to excuse assignments as a quick edit.  Students that transfer to our school mid-semester are given exemption for prior work so long as they were passing.  It's time consuming to do this when opening the Grade Editor for 20+ assignments to mark excuse.  Could the option be added to type "X" in quick edit mode?

Thank You

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Jeremy Walker

Good timing, Ryan.

I got the same request from Chloe Hoffman this morning:

I’m sure other people have mentioned this, but I just wanted to say something in case no one else has. Could we ask for the Buzz people to make a shortcut key for excused assignments?  For example, entering an “x” if you want to give the grade of “excused.” It’s just very annoying to have to disable quick edit every time you need to excuse an assignment. I know {xxxxxxx} has this capability so I figured it shouldn’t be too hard for it to be implemented in Buzz…. hopefully.

I think we've suggested this elsewhere but possibly not in this exact way.

Thanks for considering the request.

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Wendy Cooley

Yes!  I would like to excuse an assignment and ALSO do a "retry" easily in quick edit!


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