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Quirk with getting logged out when only grading via the To Do dashboard upon login (from Jerome Flewelling and Ginny Zega)

Jeremy Walker

Ginny Zega wrote on Sunday, 9/13/15, at 2:45 p.m. Central about an issue that was happening about that same time:

Just an FYI that maybe they can fix.  When I am at home working on Buzz when I go into the curriculum map it says I am logged out - every time, then it won't let me sign in.   It doesn't seem to happen when I go straight into the Curriculum Map only when I am grading first. 

jmw: I had received a report previously from Jerome Flewelling outlining similar behavior.  Here is what appears to be happening:

Teacher logs into RDS (our SDS) and then clicks on the Buzz button (which triggers the SSO into Buzz). 

Teacher grades items via To do dashboard for some length of time and then clicks on Curriculum Map; Buzz indicates that teacher has been logged out.  

Here's a sample of that message from Flew's report:

Flew had written:

In BH when the session timed out, you could open another tab and login again through RDS, then go back to the tab that timed out.  In BZ, it doesn’t let you do this.  It gives you the time out screen.  I’ve tried all sorts of combinations to get this to work.  Do you know if this it is possible?

He then wrote back saying:

I guess ignore that last one.  I must have hit the right combination this time.  Leave the Connection Error window open.  Open another window, then click Login in the Connection Window.

jmw: So really I think there are two issues here.  One is that I think users tend to be losing connection when they spend time grading vs going to other locations in the system.  The second is that I think the login box should be triggering a refresh via the SSO through our SDS, but it isn't or at least not neatly.  

Thanks for the help with these issues.


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Jeremy Walker

I had asked Ginny for some additional information .  She wrote:

I can get into the curriculum map but once I try to edit an assignment it tells me I am logged out.  When I click on that box to login it gives me a small box that looks like the RDS login but it won’t let me login.  If I “x” out I can go back to RDS and then Brain Honey and manipulate the assignments just fine (without logging in again).  I can also go back to Buzz to grade without logging back in.  The only thing it won’t let me do is edit assignments. 

 I am using my home desktop computer in the browser Google Chrome.   It only happens at home.  It has happened often but the last time I had this happen was yesterday right before I wrote you the email.  I will try again tonight and then take a screen shot for you. 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Jeremy, is this still an outstanding issue? (I hope not.)

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Jeremy Walker

I think it either resolved itself or went away once you rolled out the new editor.  Thanks for double-checking.

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