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Homework template items won't allow teachers to preview (from Mike Depta et al.)

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Jeremy Walker

Mike Depta writes:

I am trying to preview an assignment in BUZZ and I am unable to do so.  The assignment is called, “Practicing with the Scientific Method.”  When I go to “Activities” view and click on the assignment, then click on the magnifying lens icon that appears, I am unable to click on the button that says, “prepare questions.” 

jmw: This appears to be happening for all teachers when viewing items created using the Homework template.  Can this be changed so that they can see their questions in preview mode?  I believe it does the same thing if they are viewing the item in Activities.



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Jeremy Walker

Here is some additional information provided by Bruce Sharp about this same issue.

Bruce writes:

I’m here:

When I click the preview button it won’t let me preview the assignment. It takes me to this screen.

Where is says “Prepare Questions,” it is grayed out. When I hover the mouse over it, a message pops up saying I must be enrolled as a student to continue.

jmw: We would like to see Homework template items to preview and also show in Activities for anyone with owner/teacher access.

Thanks for considering,


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