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Building assessments (regrading)

Matt Harr

I build a lot of assessments and it never fails on a new test that a student comes up with a different answer that is actually correct.  For instance, the answer for an important property of water is adhesion or cohesion.  After giving the test to 100 students some of them put "capillary action".   Is there a way after adding that answer that I can regrade all the tests so I don't have to search for those that gave that response?

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Scott Taylor

It would not be possible to regrade all the tests with a new correct answer in a mulitple-answer question. This is because when the student takes an assessment their submission is created from the item data at that exact moment they started. For the automatic grading feature to have that answer available for the student they would need to start a new submission so that the new answer is in the item data.

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