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Students being able to recognize the standards

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Darleen Maas

Within our courses, we have connected standards to each of our questions.  The students are unable to see which standard goes with which question conveniently.  It would be nice that when a student sees a specific question, they could also see which standard that it is directly connected to.  At this point, it is difficult for the students to see this and relate to it.  

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Kevin McBride

I agree. Making the standards more visible to students all around could be very helpful.  In this sense,this feature request is similar to Show Standards in Activities View.

If I could build on Darleen's Request, when grading with a rubric, I would like to allow each indicator to be linked to a different standard. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

So, in today's release, we included the ability to view objectives aligned to an activity. Check out the release notes.

In this version, it will show all of the objectives aligned to the assessment questions, but not which questions. We didn't include it as an option for individual questions because we didn't want to (1) make the UI too complex for a student and (2) possibly compromise assessment security as knowing which question was aligned with which objective could provide a hint or tip to the user.

Let me know if you think this meets your needs.

And, Kevin, we have something in the works that you may enjoy for outcome scoring. 

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Susan Valentine

I believe what Darleen suggested would better help students understand what is expected in their answers.  Being able to view the objective along with the question reminds students what the ultimate goal is in their answer.  It creates a positive transparency between the teacher and student.  

If students are also able to see the objective on each learning activity, then the also have a better understanding of why they are doing the learning activity.  Essentially, a learning activity is created to teach a specific learning goal.  

It also make sure that teachers are building content that focuses on the objective.  We always work to align each activity with the specific learning goals so that the learning activity teaches a specific skill and this skill is grade level appropriate.  

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Todd Norton

In my experience so far with Buzz, the Learning Standards are plastered in a footer that get's in the way like a Scottish sheep crossing. Good job citing the Standards, but please stow them into a dropdown click in the header.

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