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Feedback in Short Answers based on the Answer

Flew Flewelling

In the advanced editor, I can set up a question like the following:

Type: F

Options: Number

Var: x = 1..10

Var: y = 1..10

1) What is $x$*$y$?  ______

a.  $x$*$y$


Then between the question and the answer, I can add multiple rows of feedback that would be for if the student solved the problem incorrectly.

@[=$x$+$y$] You added instead of multiplying.

@[=$x$/$y$] You divided instead of multiplying.


I can even add a “help” feature.  If the students put “911” in the answer box, then it gives them a hint on how to solve the problem.

@[=911] Check your multiplication table.  Look for the column with $x$ and then come down the column until you get to the row of $y$.


Is it possible to do this in the basic editor?  All I can find is how to put in a generic feedback that shows up no matter what the answer.


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Not yet...but is planned in the new authoring tools that we are working on. 

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Flew Flewelling

Ok.  Thanks!

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