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Teacher To Do changes requested (Flewelling)

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

Jerome Flewelling has been playing around with the suggestion to use the save draft option until he has all of a particular assignment graded.

He notes:

Once I’ve “saved” them, they still show up on my To-Do list, but there isn’t any indicator to say that I’ve already looked at them.

To clarify, the pin shows up next to the person until I refresh the list.  Then the pin and grade go away.

I’d like to suggest the following.  #2 would be my preference.  [See the suggestions in the picture.]

Thanks for thinking about ways to help improve the workflow for teachers.





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Jeremy Walker

Flew has been playing around with other options trying to find a way to remove graded but not released items from his to-do list.  Does anyone know of a work-around that exist or that anyone else is using?



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