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Need to see more of the titles of assignments/folders in Buzz

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Jeremy Walker

Please make the pane adjustable so students can see more of the titles of assignments on the side similar to how they could collapse or expand the different frames in BrainHoney.  This applies to folders and other items in that frame as well.  It would also be helpful for names to appear when you hover over the item.

Thanks for considering these requests.


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jeremy:

In our next update (tentatively 10/15), we are introducing title text for all truncated fields. This includes the To Do List and sidebar navigation activities. So, the hover aspect will be addressed with this update. 

We currently don't support readjusting the size of the sidebar navigation, but do allow you to collapse it by selecting the Full Screen button. This provides a maximized content viewer with minimal distraction. I have made a note for user to be able to resize it.

Thank you.

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Jeremy Walker

Thanks for the feedback, the update, and for making the note.  We appreciate all of the hard work that you all are putting into the product.



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