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Issue with using the enter key (Kelly Loving et al.)

Jeremy Walker

Several teachers have been reporting an issue where they will be entering a score (with quick edit off, I think) and if they hit the submit button it works fine, but if they hit the enter button after entering the score, the page refreshes and they lose the score that they had entered.  Is this intentional, a device setting, a browser setting?  What could be causing this to happen?

Obviously, training everyone not to hit enter is the best solution, but . . . 



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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hitting the "enter" or "return" button while the score input box is selected should just submit the score. I just tested various different ways and that is the way it performed for me. Could you confirm the behavior and possibly let me know the browser that it is occurring in?


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Jeremy Walker

Bruce Sharp just offered an instance where he thinks it is doing something like this:

Something in the Buzz Gradebook doesn’t work as I would expect it to. 

The issue has to do with entering a number for a score then hitting the “enter” key.

 In the regular gradebook screen, the enter key submits the score.

  • If I click on the title of an assignment in the gradebook the cursor is flashing in the score field for the first student. I can type a score and hit “enter” and the score is submitted.
  • The issue is when I click on an individual student’s name in the gradebook and click the “grades” tab. I click in the score field and type in a number. When I hit the “enter” key, the screen refreshes and the score I entered is gone.

I'll work more on trying to reproduce what Kelly had described.  Thanks!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jeremy, I just tried to reproduce your most recent comment. I could not get it to perform incorrectly. When I open the student in the Performance tool, then within the Grades page, select an assignment, once I type the score and hit enter it submits it as I would expect.

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