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Ability for students to "mark up" multiple choice and matching questions

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Jeremy Walker

Students have continued to ask for a feature to help with multiple choice questions, like it greying out or crossing one off when they have selected to remove that answer.

Essentially, the students want the ability to use digitally some of their good testing strategies that they use on paper.  Often they will cross off any obviously bad choices to help them pick between the remaining options.

If they could somehow have the system, cross off the letter of a choice or the whole item or put an x in front of it or change the color of it, that would allow them to approximate such a strategy.

Thanks for considering this request.



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Joshua Graegin

I could not agree with this more.  I use matching sections quite a bit, sometimes with as many as 20 or so choices, and it can become very burdensome for kids to keep track of which answers they already used.  

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