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Jacob Paulson
Hello! It would great if we could grade by each question. So when there are 5 written questions, to be able to grade responses from students on just one question until I've graded all the responses from that question before moving on to the next question rather than how it is now, where we grade one student and their five responses to five different questions. This is just because it is so much easier to remember the exact response that I'm looking for if I'm just looking at one question at a time rather than jumping back and forth between different questions that are of a similar topic. Thanks!

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Jacob Paulson

Right, but it is still easier to grade one question at a time. So instead of reading the example answer and then checking, I would just check and keep the example answer in my memory. 

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Mr Leblanc

I second this request. There have been a few times, when grading a test, I have realized that one of the "incorrect" answers probably should count for at least 1/2 a point. It would be nice to just go through that one question on all tests and quickly make that change if needed. 

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Bruce Sharp

Are you entering the answer you are looking for in the sample answer space?

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