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All Students Can Access Group Specific Assignment

Kaitlyn Allen
After creating a group assignment for students in a plagiarism group, I noticed that the assignment was being given to all students, not just students in this specific group. The setting for "This is a group assignment" was checked, but this did not prevent the assignment from being given to all enrolled students. I verified the students who were not placed in the group and they had the assignment along with those who were placed in the group.

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Trevor Williams
  • Agilix team member

Good morning Kaitlyn!

The activity setting "This is a group assignment" applies it to the grouping. Individual groups make up the grouping as seen from the "People" tool "Manage Groupings" page. 

It is possible to make the assignment only visible to the specific group by selecting the "filter by group" option in the upper right-hand corner of the activity editor and selecting to have the activity visible to "Teachers only" in the "Visibility and access" card for the groups that you desire to not be able to see the assignment. This will allow you to hide the activity based on the group the students are in and have the activity visible only to the desired group.

Please know that I am happy to help answer any other questions with this!  

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