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View all written responses to a specific question on a single page?

Kristen Baldonado
Is there a way to view all responses to a question in one place? For example, if I make a Google Form, I can see all the data for that form in one spot, and I can scroll through to my written responses and see all of the answers next to each other. I would like to be able to quickly compare and anazlyze responses my kids are submitting to a certain question.

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Hi Kristen,

Using the Activity Analytics tab for your course, you will be able to see things like frequency of scores or grades, statistics, etc. However, at this time, we do not have a way to view all written responses from students on one page. The closest thing that we have would be to use the activity grader to view each individual student's submission.

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