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URGENT: need assistance in order to log-in and request a final exam in Buzz

Paula Castillo Hi Espino
Within the request exam page, when I hit login, I get redirected to a pop-up that flashes for a second before redirecting me back to the log-in page within the request exam window. I have already restarted my machine and cleared my cache, but I'm still getting nowhere.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Paula! 

I am sorry to hear you are encountering that behavior. That would be frustrating! 

It looks like you have posted to the Agilix Help Center, the maker of your online institution's learning environment. Without being able to see what you are encountering or reproduction steps, I can only speculate on possible causes. I recommend to reach out to your online education institution to address the cause of this reported behavior. If you are unsure of where their support page is located, could you provide me with the URL of your online learning environment's homepage and I'll help to point you to their site so they may provide you with timely assistance to get this behavior resolved as quickly as possible. 

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