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Sorting by title issue

Chad T. Lower

We have some administrative "courses" that we want to appear first when sorted by title. As such, we have put an exclamation point at the start of the course name. For example, !Demo.

I went to create a new course today, and I included the ! in front of the title, but when I sort by name, I see the other courses, but not this new course. If I do a search by title, I can find this course, but not when sorting. I also tried refreshing my page, but to no avail.

Is there a different character I could/should use instead of an exclamation point? Any idea why other courses are sorting properly, but not a new one?

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Chad T. Lower

Just as a follow up, I also tried using **two** explanation points at the start of the course name in case that would move it even higher on the list alphabetically. Didn't work.

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good morning, Chad!

In my test domain, adding a exclamation mark in front of the course title  (E.g. !Demo or ! Demo) when editing a previous course or when creating a course caused the course to be at the top of the courses list when sorting the page by Title. No other courses had special characters or numbers within the title. Also, adding a one (1) before the course title caused the course to be at the top of the courses list. I had the "Active courses only" checkbox selected within the courses list. 

If that behavior is still occurring, we recommend that you reach out to your organization's authorized contact to submit a ticket to Agilix Support to investigate the reported behavior futher.

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Chad T. Lower

As per Allison's suggestion, we submitted a ticket to Agilix Support. In case anyone else was searching the boards about this issue, I wanted to post an updated.

The sort feature works--except when it doesn't. If you have more than 500 courses in the Buzz system, then only the first 500 courses are sorted. Any courses beyond 500, well... you are on your own. Sort no longer works.

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