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Prevent students from seeing answers in assessment results

khutchison-stowers khutchison-stowers
I have an assessment for students, but I do NOT want them to see the answers of the questions in the results. They are allowed to take it again. What exactly do I need to have in my settings for the Assessment Review to make this happen? I currently have everything set to always EXCEPT "display correct choices" - there I have "when answered correctly" -- But when I take the exam as practice and review the submission, it shows me the correct answers still.

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Bruce Sharp

What is it that you DO want your students to see?

For example, I have all of the settings set to never. They can see their score, but not any of the individual questions.

There are many combinations. Is this maybe what you want...

Display Questions Results -> to Always

Display Student Answers -> Never

This allows students to see all of the questions and which are marked correct/incorrect. They can not see their answer, nor the correct answer.

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