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Can not change a student's grade

Kelly Calderone



I need help figuring out why I cannot change a student's score in my Performance Gradebook.

In my gradebook, for a Quiz,, one student, Student A, has an 86.95%. Students are required to get a 100% or else it will be scored as 0%.

I cannot, for the life of me, change her score to a 0%! I’ve tried hitting the No Credit button. I’ve tried hitting the Clear button. I’ve tried simply keying in a 0. I’ve tried enabling Quick Edit and keying in a 0. NOTHING WORKS and her 86.95% pops up again and again every single time.

 It's odd because another student in the exact same class, Student B, also got an 80-something % on the quiz, but I was able to manually change it by selecting No Credit. For Student A, I can’t change it. Same Quiz, Same class. 

Can someone help me figure out what the deal is?? It's quite maddening. 


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Jeremy Walker

Hi Kelly,

When our teachers report an issue like this, it's because the quiz has the setting selected to keep either a first score or the highest score instead of the last score.  Is it possible that those two students could be in separate groups and getting different settings somehow?

That's the low-hanging fruit.  If that's not the issue, you'll probably want to get your ticket agent to submit an actual request to the Agilix team so they can take a look at that specific student for you.


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Kelly Calderone

The students are in different groups, however both groups have the same exact setting: Both are set to keep the Highest score attempt. 

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Scott Taylor

Hello Kelly,

This question would take some looking at the specific students. If you haven't done so already please pass this up to your authorized support contact so they can troubleshoot and escalate as needed.

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