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Grades Defaulting to Zeros

Laurie Jensen

I have my class settings set so that it is not supposed to default to zero for late or missing assignments. However, 2 of my 18 students have red zeros showing all the way across the whole grade sheet. The rest of the students this is not happening for except there is one assignment where zeros are showing for everyone even though I do not have the setting to default to zero checked. Any suggestions?

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Bruce Sharp

Are these for online assignments or papers for which you are typing in scores. If they are online assignments is it possible those two students opened the assignments then submitted them without answers? If you check "treat unscored as zero" Buzz puts a black zero in the gradebook. Red zeros are for scores that were submitted either by the student or the teacher. Did you possibly batch update the scores?

For the assignment that gave everyone a red zero did you put a due date on it that has passed?

Did you clear one of the red zeros to see if it came back on its own?

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Laurie Jensen

For two of my students the zeros are red and neither the students nor I opened all the assignments in the entire course. When I go in and try and remove the zero, it will only take it out if I replace it with a different score. It will not stay as a blank. For the one assignment that everyone has a red zero, it is allowing me to replace the zero with a different grade. 

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Bruce Sharp

Sorry I couldn't be of more help Laurie. Maybe someone from Agilix can chime in. I'm guessing they are going to have you submit a ticket through your support provider so they can look at your class.

My only other guess would be if your course is a derivative from a master course maybe someone altered the settings in the master and they carried over to your course.

One other thing to try... When you were trying to get rid of those red zeros did you just hit the delete key? If so, try clicking on the zero in the gradebook to bring up the grade editor. Just below the score window are 3 pink buttons: Full Credit No Credit and Clear. Try clicking on the clear button then submit the grade. Hopefully that will take it out.

Good Luck! :)

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Scott Taylor

Hello Laurie,

From the initial report it sounds as if some students were enrolled into the course before due dates and the application of zero on past due were removed. To determine exactly what happened would require more investigation. Please reach out to your authorized support contact at either your school or the reseller that services your school. They should be able to assist with determining what occurred and ensure the scores are resolved properly.

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