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Keeping Assessments Secure Over Multiple Periods

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Jackie Karenbauer

I would like my students to see their assessment results after testing: all questions along with correct/incorrect answers. I would like this to then disappear after a "one time view". Is there any way I could do this? A setting for this would be awesome. Right now, without remembering to hide the quiz immediately students can access their quiz and share it with students taking the quiz later in the day.  Thanks for any suggestions!

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Scott Taylor

Hello Jackie,

At this time there is not an option to only show the feedback once without manually changing the answer feedback visibility. We'll add this suggestion to the list of possible enhancements to discuss for possible development.

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Jackie Karenbauer

Thanks, Blackboard added it in the past couple years and I love it. It provides feedback and test security with one click of a button. 

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Bruce Sharp

I would still be concerned with test security. If they can see the questions and/or answers for any length of time it is a simple thing to take a screenshot and send it to your friends.

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