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How to create an observer account through the API

Nathaniel Read

I would like to be able to create observer accounts for students through the API. But I cannot find any commands in the documentation that would make a user observe another user.


Thanks for the help,


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Scott Taylor

To create an observation one would grant the Read User right on the UserId if observing a user or Read Enrollment right on the EnrollmentID if observing an enrollment with UpdateRights. The value for Read user is 512 (0x200) and the value for Read Enrollment is 2199023255552 (0x20000000000). The API call to review entities that are being observed would be GetActorRights and passing the observer UserID and U|E to check for user and enrollment rights.

The ActorID would be the UserID of the user that will be the observer, and it would still use the attribute of EntityID but the UserID of the observed user or EnrollmentID of the observed enrollment would be used.

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Nathaniel Read

Thanks Scott, that is exactly what I was looking for. Just could not figure out what the right term was.




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