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Chris Lyles

Quick question around a course's custom variables.  There are times when the values of one or more variables need to dynamically change.  Using the API Console, for testing, I've noticed that if we update one of the values, the others are completely removed.

For instance:

Key1 ::: Value1

Key2 ::: Value2

Key3 ::: Value3

Run "updatecourses" passing (in abbreviated format):

<variable name="Key1" value="NewValue1" />

The end result is:

Key1 ::: NewValue1

Key2 (has been removed)

Key3 (has been removed)


How can we prevent from having the other variables removed?


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Scott Taylor

When using UpdateCourses it is recommended to pass all the data that is intended to be included in the course (including variables that will not be changing). If a variable is not included it is interpreted that the variable should have no value unless it is a required variable.

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