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math signs feature request

Bruce Sharp

It would be fantastic... It would make my life so much easier.... It would make Buzz much more useable... if your math editor recognized double signs. In other words can minus a negative automatically change to addition, or plus a negative automatically change to subtraction?

For example, I wrote this code to display a quadratic equation given the vertex (h,k) and the constant a:

Here is what it displays:

Notice, however, that all of my variables are positive numbers. If any of them are negative then this is broken because it will display something like -- or +-. I have to copy the code and paste it into a new question. Then figure out how to alter my variables so the middle and last terms are ALWAYS going to work out to be the same sign to avoid the issue of double signs appearing.

Another issue that I've requested before also rears its head here. Notice I didn't make a=1 because I don't want to display 1x^2 for my students. We never write leading 1's. I had to write separate code/questions for a=1 and a=-1.

Right now I am up to 5 separate questions with altered code and variables to take these issues into account and I haven't even done all of the iterations of a, h, and k yet. I should have been accomplished this with a single question. If Buzz recognized standard math practices and formatting. Buzz does a lot of great things, but it could be so much more.

Thanks for your continued work to keep improving your product. It is appreciated. :)

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback Bruce! We'll keep these suggestions in mind during discussions of further enhancements to the platform.

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Sallie Graves

Have you found that your Math students are getting the answers right but the computer is marking them wrong?  For example:  correct answer is  1 1/4 but it is showing 114 ...................just a few minor errors I am finding.


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Bruce Sharp

Hi Sallie. Buzz doesn't recognize mixed numerals on it's own. Can you reply and copy/paste the question as you see it in the text editor? Maybe I can help sort out the problem.

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