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Wendy Cooley

HI!  I started using the new Buzz for grading and find that I really miss a few things from the old Buzz format.

1.   I really miss that I cannot see a running total how many assignments I have left to grade when I am on the "Grading" page.  Please give us this function if possible!

2.  I miss seeing the icons clearly on the left side that shows what each assignment type is. 

3.  It is also critical that we teachers be able to always cut and paste sections of student text from the "notes" box or the Discussion boards or the answer boxes --this helps us check for plagiarism by searching for the cut section on Google.  I am not sure this ability still exists in the new Buzz, and if it does not, that would be a huge problem for me as a teacher.

4.  In general the New Buzz takes more clicks for me to navigate into classes and grading.  It does not seem as quick and easy to get where I want to go in this New Buzz teacher mode. 

5.  I had hoped that the New Buzz would allow me to grade from my phone or tablet, but it looks like that is not an option yet.  Is that something that you are moving toward?

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Emily Nichols

Yes! We need the number of items left to grade on all of the grading screens; not just the initial one.  The copy and paste function is vital.  



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Linda Anderson

Oh yes! Please restore the number of items left to grade when I've sorted my assignments according to type or date. I echo the fact that the copy and paste function is vital! Thank you!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Thank you all for your feedback! We are still investigating and talking about multiple of the items, but I wanted to ask you some follow-up questions to item 3. 

I have not been able to reproduce any issue where I cannot copy a student's response and then past it into the "feedback" box. Could you provide any more details about what is not working for you in regards to this?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Laurie-Ann:

Master courses are not intended or recommend to have student enrollments placed in them. That is why shortcuts to the Gradebook, People, and student-specific tools do not exist on the Home page. Are you actively using student enrollments in your master courses and that is why you want these additional shortcuts made available?

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Wendy Cooley

Our teacher who could not cut and paste, restarted her computer and now has the function back!  Thanks for checking on that, Brad!

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Jeremy Walker


The cut/paste issue randomly pops up in the old Buzz too so that's not a new issue.  I can't ever reproduce it on demand which is why I've never reported it.  Wendy indicated one solution.  I've also been able to occasionally refresh my screen or go into a course and then back to the do list and then I am able to copy and paste.  I'm sure something causes it because it happens to me at least once a week, but I'm usually too busy to figure out if any of the variables were the same.  



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