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Add Audio and Video to Discussion Boards

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Melissa Moreno

Could you please add the same audio and video messaging capability (but for all users in this case) that you have added to Teacher Feedback to the discussion boards?  

This would be an amazing feature for out elementary students and for our older students who have learning disabilities like Dyslexia. Plus, online kids LOVE seeing each other.  It makes class so much more real and works to reduce the digital divide and disconnect they can end up feeling.

Many of our teachers use FlipGrid in their classes, but this requires them to pay extra and also causes students to lose out on the ability to make text posts.  It would be so easy for you to add this functionality to the already existing discussion boards so that students could have the ability to choose from all three options without leaving the secure environment of Buzz.  It would also make your product stand far above Bb and the others out there.

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Jessica Armstrong


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Scott Taylor

Hello Melissa,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion on how to improve the student and overall user experience. We'll include this suggestion into our discussions on possible future enhancements.

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Katie Shaver-Ahmadzai

This does sound like an amazing tool that could enhance teacher - student and student-student interactions in class.  

I'd love to see it added, too.

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Bill Carroll

Awesome idea.  Please add as soon as possible.

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Shanna Gebreegzabeher

I completely agree! Adding audio/video to discussion boards would give us as teachers so much more flexibility and provide students with opportunities to engage with each other in meaningful and more interactive ways, thus increasing their interest and investment in the course. I LOVE this idea. 

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Bethany Walker

Yes, I agree! I would love to see this upgrade for student interactions.  This would build community as well as enhance learner communication.


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Susan Cox

I agree!  Please add this feature!

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Linda Anderson

This would be so helpful! Please consider adding this feature!

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Debbie Nordman

Please add this feature! This would be a very helpful feature in Buzz for both teachers and students, as it allows for good and engaging interaction! I would much rather have this feature than something else such as Flipgrid.

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Sarah Peterson

I have often thought how much this would enhance the classes. With students all around the world in different time zones it is hard to connect with many classmates and feel like they are real people. This would help SO much. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this feature expanded. 

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Anita Walters

I would love to see this happen. 


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Karen W. Thorne

This would enable some interaction in foreign languages, as well.  I think it's a great idea.

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Gideon Seaman

This is something that I requested as an enhancement back in August, and prior to that, have posted elsewhere for this ability to be added to the journal & blog templates as well. Audio and video expression are critical components of 21st century learning. Let's make this happen guys! 

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Sarah Beeson

I agree love the video option in teacher comments, I use it every day - would be great in a discussion board too!

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Amber Divers

Yes! This option would really enhance our discussions and open doors for enhancing the learning experience.

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I love this idea..... I could do so much with this.... Imagine singing to them ... of course they might not like this from me! But a Spanish teacher can respond in Spanish!!!! 

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Patty Farrer

Audio and video ability in discussions and posts would enhance my courses so much! Students have this ability in assignments, I would love to see this feature added to discussion boards and discussion posts as well. I believe this would help students connect with their peers and the course content on a much deeper level. 

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This is a perfect tool! We need it... 

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Annette Walaszek

We would also like to see this feature!

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Michele Nickels

Just checking to see if there are any develops here around this feature being added-Thanks-Michele

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Annette Walaszek

Any updates on adding this feature? Having discussion audio/video within the safe environment of Buzz would be an excellent enhancement!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello everyone! Thank you for your feedback and interest in media functionality with Buzz. 

There are no plans on the near horizon to change the current behavior. However, long term we are exploring ways to improve upon the current functionality. From that exploration, if a change is decided upon and implemented, it possibly could become available later this year (2024) at the earliest. 

Also, I recommend selecting the Follow button from our Release Notes page if you have not already done so to be alerted of changes to Buzz as there has been generated interest on this thread from users regarding enhancing media functionality.  

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Bernie McKichan

I support the concept as cited in previous feedback comments, especially as a world language instructor in both German and Spanish, and given that Flip is no longer an option for discussion-based assessments.


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