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Accessibility for Chromebooks (Screen Readers)

Beth Ott

I've read some threads regarding screen readers and how to support students with disabilities who need assistance with reading. I am looking for a solution for Chromebooks, and while there are many screen readers out there for Chrome extensions, all the ones I've tried (that work with everything else) do not work with Buzz. I can not download NVDA. Any help would be appreciated. Is there something in the works to support this need that is not third party dependent?


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Elizabeth Camarena

SpeakIt is a Chrome extension that works great in Buzz (at least for us).

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Beth Ott

I tried SpeakIt, but it didn't work, I think due to using pre-packaged curriculum. Are you creating your own content or do you have some online courses that are already created? I'm trying to get it to work in a Florida Virtual course, and a Health course. I didn't try SpeakIt with lessons I've created.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Another possible option for accessibility is to use SpeechStream which is currently supported by Agilix. 

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