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How do I get rid of tasks in my gradebook?

Kelly Calderone

I have two assignments in my gradebook under "Tasks." The "Introduction to Government Unit 1" is no where to be found in my course. I did a search of all my assignments in the Editor and cannot find it. I have no idea why it's there or how it got there. I can't even find it in my course anywhere to delete it. 

The "Money and Banking Quiz" I can find, but I have it hidden (red eyeball). I thought hiding assignments also hid them from the gradebook...right?? I even have it unchecked in the Visible in Table of Contents area, but it's STILL in my gradebook. I don't want to delete it because I might need it later. I don't have a due date on it or anything. 

Can someone help me?

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Scott Taylor

Hello Kelly,

The Tasks folder shouldn't be showing in the overall gradebook, the folder is more for activities that should display in the "For Me" tab for students. Please escalate this behavior to your authorized support contact to investigate as specific details are required.

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Eric Curts


I am the consortium contact for SPARCC. What details do you need to be able to escalate this?



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Scott Taylor


Please get the CourseID and review the course and item settings before escalating. If after your investigation you are unable to determine a cause please create a ticket with Agilix Support.

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Eric Curts

OK, I have submitted a ticket for this.

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