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Blog Needs to Notify Student of Comments

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Wendy Cooley

 Hi!  I am trying the student Blog activity for the first time.  It could be great, but PLEASE, PLEASE fix a few things as quickly as possible so that my students can really participate in this blog.  

1.  At the very least, make sure that Students are NOTIFIED on the Buzz dashboard if someone comments on their post.  (I believe that Discussions already do this.)  

2.  Another great option would be if students were notified if anyone posted in the blog.  That would get them to go look at the latest posts.  Perhaps that could be a setting that the teacher could choose to activate or not.  For my purposes (for this yearlong blog), it would be fantastic.

3.  As already mentioned here before, please allow pictures and video into the blog posts.


Thank you!

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Laurie-Ann Wyse

It would also be great if students could add pictures in the journal feature.

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Emily Nichols

Yes!  We need notifications so students know to go and check the postings.  :)

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the suggestions to improve the student experience. The feedback will be passed along for further discussion on possible enhancements to the system.

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NorthStar Academy: Kristi Velasquez

It seems like a huge loss of teaching-opportunity to not have pictures in blogs and journals. Learning online is so visual! This response box has an option for pictures...why not the journals/blogs? 

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