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Ability to Display Google Slides in Presentation Mode Directly in Buzz

Katie Ahmadzai

I was working on inserting a google slide presentation into Buzz today, but when I made the link into a direct presentation mode, the slide show was not able to be shown in Buzz.   It indicated that it must open a new tab in order to be shown. 

I was wondering if there would be a way to be able to open the Google Slide Show directly from Buzz when it's set for Presentation mode only, so the students would have direct access without needing to open a new tab away from Buzz?


Thank you for your help in this matter,

Katie Ahmadzai

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Melissa Moreno

Agreed!  This is a much needed ability.

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Patty Farrer

Really need this feature, please add!

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the suggestion. This request will be included in future discussions for further enhancements in the system.

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