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Possible bug? Custom data field with underscore causes invalid filter response.

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Geoff Quinby

I'm encountering an issue when I attempt to select custom data fields that have been added to an entity. If the custom field has an underscore in the field name, it seems to consider it an invalid filter name when I try to add a data filter to another DLAP command, such as GetCourse2 or ListEnrollments

For example:



"message":"Invalid data filter: (custom_field)",

If I use a custom field without an underscore (or using a dash) it works as expected. 

This is not a showstopper issue, but it does conflict with the guide given in the Free Form XML documentation: 

"As elements are matched by name, you should use a unique name for your element. We recommend using a unique customer prefix for the element name, such as customername_elementname."

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Geoff:

I am not certain if the Data Filter is supported with the ListEnrollments API. The documentation does not suggest that it is for this particular API. However, if you are experiencing this with a supported API, like GetCourse2, I would suggest creating a ticket/request with with Agilix Support. This would need to be submitted through your designated support contact and would allow our Support team to debug and address the issue.

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Geoff Quinby

I believe the Data Filter does work for the ListEnrollments command, as I tested various other filters with the ListEnrollments through the DLAP API Console, and it correctly filtered the course data as expected. The underscore issue appears when using a Data Filter for both GetCourse2 and ListEnrollments.


I'll work on submitting a ticket through Agilix Support for the issue. Thank you for the response!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Geoff, the issue with an underscore in a data filter will be fixed in this week's update.

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