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Chris Lyles

I'm attempting to filter enrollment records within a domain by using the following:

listenrollments&select=course,data,user&domainid=<domain id>&userquery=/id=<user id>

If I remove the "userquery" from the command, I'll get a list of enrollment records.  At the moment, there is only one person in the course.  If I add "userquery" back to the command, I get the following:

<response code="OK">
<enrollments />

I'm referring to the following documentation:!/Command/ListEnrollments#request-attr-userquery

Since there is only one person in the course, shouldn't I get the same results with both commands?


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Scott Taylor

Hello Chris,

The userquery portion will only return results if the queried user is housed in the DomainID defined in the overall ListEnrollments query. Another option that may work more as you are expecting is using the &query=/userid=<user id> as that will not be limited to returning users housed in the same domain as the enrollments being queried.

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