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Locate Course Parent Child relationships

Chris Lyles

I’m looking for a way to list courses starting with the Parent, then down to the Child.

For example:

Lets say, I want to search for all of the Children courses who’s Master/Parent course has an id of 9.

Based on the Master Course id of 9, I would like locate the Children courses by searching for 9 within the baseid.

…from here I would write the custom code that will repeat this process searching for the additional children of children.

Is there a way to complete this task?  The listcourses api doesn’t allow a way to search on the baseid.


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Scott Taylor

Hello Chris,

The API command of GetItemLinks will return courses that are derivatives of the specified CourseID. If the command is called with just the EntityID then it will return all derivative courses that are linked to the specified course (at all levels).

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Chris Lyles

Good stuff!  Thanks for the help.

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Geoff Quinby

As a followup to this: Will this API command also work with finding derivative relationships of Domains and Subdomains?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

No, this is only for courses or course activities. ListDomains will display all immediate children domains of a given parent domain.

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