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Need "Student Notes" section shared between teachers.

Wendy Cooley

 My customer service to my students would be so enhanced if we teachers could put student notes that attached to that student's name.  

For example, this could be used to make notes if a child had any learning disabilities or needed special accommodations.  

In our situation of a flexible online school, it would also be useful to have information concerning the student's schedule at our school.  Are they working on one class at a time or all five?  Are they finishing each class in 6-9 weeks or working for a whole semester?  Knowing this kind of information affects what kind of progress reports I send out.  

Also, often, a parent will send in critical information to a student's situation (health issues, vacations, etc) and we want to post this so all teachers for that student can be informed and can respond appropriately to the situation.  

I would say this is a big problem for us right now.  Teachers are not informed and so parents do not feel that we personally know and care about them and their situation.  Adding this one tool would increase our customer service to our students and families tremendously.  

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Scott Taylor

Hello Wendy,

There is a feature that should work for this type of information, which is detailed in the article: How do I record Accommodations for existing students?

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