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Flew Flewelling

I have some math questions in an assignment that are number answers.  I want the students to show their work to these problems, so I selected Workspace for the question.  When the question funnels into my to-do list, If the student answered the question wrong, then it pulls the question to the top for me to grade.  Is there any setting in Buzz to have it show me (but not the students) what the answer should have been? 

Depending on what the students get correct, on one student's assignment I may be grading questions 2, 5, & 7.  The next may be 3,6, & 20.  And still another is 2, 6, and 15. It quickly gets difficult to mentally juggle which question is which correct answer.

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Bruce Sharp

Especially if the question order is randomized!

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Bruce Sharp

I would like to bring this up again and expound upon Flew's suggestion. As a math teacher, I'm setting up questions like Flew described. I can use this on a daily basis throughout the year. I have fill-in questions with workspaces for students to show their work. If the student's fill-in answer is wrong, Buzz sends it to my to-do list so I can grade their work for potential partial credit. This works much better than an essay question for my needs since I only have to check work for students who got the wrong answer.

What is needed is to make workspace questions behave like an essay question. I can type the answer in essay questions. Then when I grade the item in my to-do list I can see what an exemplary answer looks like. I can even add grading notes so the many other teachers in the course grade similarly. When grading a question with a workspace, there needs to be a way to show the correct answer in the grading window along with the student's answer.

This addition would make the workspace much more useful and user-friendly.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback both of you. We'll keep these suggestions in mind during conversations for further improvements to the system.

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Flew Flewelling

Thanks, Scott!

I'm grading an assignment now that this would be incredibly helpful on.  Not only for myself, but next year, I know there is another teacher teaching the course.  They are less familiar with the content, so it would greatly benefit them as well!

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Tami Warnick

Flew - One way that we have worked around this is to put the work in a custom feedback for the teacher.  That way that feedback will just show for the teacher and show the work required for the teacher. 

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