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Linking Passages with Question Banks

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Annie Lorek

We are running into an issue as Literature teachers while using question banks.  We build passages as a question (passage) to link to certain questions; however, when we want Buzz to pull questions from a bank, the passage is not always randomly pulled and therefore makes it impossible to use this feature for our students effectively.

I would like to request a programming change that guarantees that any passage linked to a question is always pulled with that question when used in a question bank.

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Flew Flewelling

We have this problem too!  We would love to see this fixed!


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Bruce Sharp


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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback, we will add this to the list of items to discuss further regarding question banks.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

We made some improvements for this a few weeks ago. Can you confirm that it is working as you expected?

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