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Excused Assignment Visibility

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Pat Gyles

Currently,  when you excuse an assignment, it disappears from student view entirely.  I had a teacher request that it still remain visible in the gradebook because he frequently liked to make comments on why that particular assignment was excused.

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Jessica Vilorio

We didn't have this issue in Brainhoney, but we are also having it in Buzz this year. It is important that our students still be able to see assignments that have been excused. It can be confusing for some students to change that feature on their end. It would be better if it was a gradebook or course setting that can be turned on by the teacher or even in the master course shell on the admin level.

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Gina LaLicata de Garcia

Please update so assignments don't disappear from students' view once they have been excused.  It is important that our students can still see the assignments that have been excused without having to change their settings as this could be confusing.  Another option is to make this a feature that the teacher can edit in their settings or at the master course shell level for admin to change.  Thank you for your support.

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Pat Gyles

Thanks for suggestion Bruce.  I thought for sure that was going to be the solution but when I went looking for that choice on the student end I could not find it.

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Bruce Sharp

I'm not sure if it's the same in Buzz, but I had the same issue with BrainHoney before the switch to Buzz. For some reason it was a setting for the student to choose whether to see excused assignments or not. The last year of using BH I had my all of my students change the setting on the first day of school.

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