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Print Buzz Agenda?

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Jessica Huseman

I use my Buzz Agenda as my lesson plan book and would like to be able to print out the Buzz Agenda for each of my classes. Is this feature available?

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Scott Taylor

At this time there is not a built-in way to print Agendas. We will keep this feature in mind for discussion on future enhancements to Buzz.

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Kelly Calderone

I would just like to add that some of our teachers have been wondering about the ability to print agendas as well. This would be incredibly useful, especially for teachers who use it for lesson planning and need to submit lesson plans to their administrators. 

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I also would like to be able to print out my agenda. It is very useful for students who are absent for extended periods of time, who may have limited internet access, as well as for the teacher to have a paper copy of their plans.

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