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Subscribing Domain Issue

Chris Lyles

We have an issue where customer are not able to see content (courses) from a subscribing domain.

Assumption: Once a domain is subscribed to another domain - courses in the subscribed domain is visible to all users in the subscribing domain. This has held true in the past but recently it has stopped working. 

Course Specifics:

1) Domain structure, Letrs Library and Letrs Mississippi are sibling domains. Letrs Mississippi is a subscriber to the Letrs Library domain 

2) Subscription relationship between Letrs library and Letrs Mississippi 

3) Through the api console or app - user in letrs mississippi is not seeing the course list or subscription list.  Command: getsubscriptionlist&subscriberid=25686114

I have screen shots if needed to help further describe the problem.

Let me know if you need any more information.


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Scott Taylor

Subscriptions have been updated in the API to work more in line with intended behavior. For a user to utilize a subscription granted to a domain the user must have admin or teacher permissions in that domain. Reviewing the ID provided it does not appear as if this ID has the required permissions. It is possible to grant users subscriptions to the content domain directly if specific users require the use of a subscription to the content's domain but do not posses the appropriate permissions in the subscribed domain.

Additionally it is recommended to avoid posting specific EntityIDs in the Help Center. For situations that require passing along specific IDs it would be recommended to work with your authorized support rep to create a ticket for Agilix Support to investigate.

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