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Can I constrain results to a specific node in the domain hierarchy?

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Matthew Marichiba

Many of the commands that list entity records (listcourses, listdomains, etc) allow you to specify domain=0`, which returns all entities the user can see. (Ex: cmd=ListCourses&domainid=0). Otherwise, the command returns only entities that belong to the specific domainid.


More than once I've run into the case where I want to query within a particular domain and all its children. I don't see a way to do this, but I sure wish I could. Is there a way?


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Scott Taylor

There is not a way to do this via variables in the command at this time. Searching across domains is only limited by permissions, so if you wish to query just a domain and all of it's children the user performing the query would have to search for domainid=0 and only have permissions in the parent and children domain.

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