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Need to Add Feedback Features!

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)

Access to teacher feedback is still clunky and laborious for students. The feedback loop is one of the most critical factors for student success in an online class. It is crucial that is it visible and easy to access. Here are my suggestions:
1) Add a notification column (or tab) on the landing page for recent assignments graded and feedback received. Right now students must go several clicks in to access teacher feedback. Most students are unaware that they even have feedback unless they specifically go looking for it. If a preview of feedback was listed in a notifications column and students had the ability to click on the preview to "jump" to that activity and feedback, that would be ideal!
2) Add the ability for students to reply to teacher comments within Buzz and not have to use an external email (which students rarely do). Of course this would mean that teachers would also need the ability to see notifications when replies are submitted. The ability to create this kind of back-and-forth dialogue within the platform and within a specific activity would be fantastic.
3) Add variable feedback features like a quick click to add a time/date stamp when feedback is left. Being able to notify students that feedback was left for them in a timely manner would help a lot.
4) Add the ability for teachers to connect feedback to a specific portion of a student answer or assignment submission, kind of like the comment feature in Google Docs.

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Abby Olsen

Amen!! This is one of the largest drawbacks and updates would be SO helpful!

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Lauren Rojas

I couldn't agree more. I would LOVE to see these changes! I truly believe it would help the student's learning experience so so much!

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Haylee Stewart

Agreed. Making the feedback loop more efficient would be so beneficial for students.

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Catelyn Alder

Yes, this change would make so much sense and be so helpful. I’ve wanted a change like this with feedback for a long time.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey everyone, thank you so much for your feedback!

I also agree; we can do much better to improve the feedback loops to help students be fully aware of how they can improve and to seek clarification, when needed. We have several ideas of how to further improve this and I hope that we'll be able to gain additional feedback from teachers, like yourselves, in the near future.

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