How do I Batch update an activity score for multiple students?

  • Updated:

Buzz allows you to Batch update scores on an activity for multiple students using the Activity grader.

To do so:

  1. Open the Activity grader.
  2. Select the students you want to update scores for (you can skip this step if you want to batch update all student scores for the activity).
  3. Open the Tools menu (wrench icon) and choose Batch update scores.

Note: There are 3-4 tabs accessible from the Batch update scores window. In order to save changes, you must make the changes in that tab and then click Update. You can then reopen the window, make change, and Update a different tab if needed.

  1. On the Auto-fill scores tab, you can:
    • Use the Entries to auto-fill dropdown to specify which of the select student activities to update. Grouping options include unscored, unsubmitted, submitted and unscored, all, or selected (only appears when student checkboxes are selected).
    • Enter the updated grade.
    • Indicate whether you want to Return scores to students and/or Allow retry for the activity.
  1. On the Excuse tab, you can excuse a group of students from the selected activity; grouping options include unsubmitted, submitted, all, or selected (only appears when student checkboxes are selected).
  1. On the Allow Retry tab, can enable retries for a group of student submissions based on whether they have been submitted, submitted and scored, submitted and unscored, or selected (only appears when student checkboxes are selected). Allowing retries on activities with an expired due date prompts you to modify the due date for that group.
  1. If zeros have been automatically assigned to past-due activities, a Clear tab appears allowing you to clear All auto-zeroed scores for the activity. Be sure to clear current due dates or assign new future due dates before using this option, so the activities aren't automatically given zeros again.
  2. When you're done, click Update.
    • Note: Clicking Update saves only the changes on the selected tab. To make changes to multiple tabs, you must make changes and save while the tab is open.

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