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Buzz Release Notes (2022-08-25; v3.0.302) - Updated domain password processes and policies

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version v3.0.302 available on August 25, 2022.

Note: Release note articles reflect the state of the product on the date they are originally published. Always note the date in the title when reviewing content and follow the links in the notes to articles that are kept current.

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Updated reset password process, UIs, and policy options

As announced in coming soon for this week, we have made various updates to Buzz's domain password look-and-feel, processes, and policy options. These updates are intended to improve security, improve the user experience, and better support customers using custom URLs.

Change password screen updates

Updates to the Change password screen include:

  1. Allowing users to reveal their New password when they create it.
  2. Providing a Password strength assessment and warnings if the user enters a password that has been compromised.
  3. Providing Tips to create a strong password.

Reset password messaging

Updates to the Reset password messaging include:

  1. Improved look-and-feel, including a new Reset your password button.
  2. Dynamically generated reset URL that includes Custom URLs where they're used.

Improved Domain Password policy options and management

Updates to the Domain Password policy include:

  1. Adding a new Authentication-password policy card where all policies can be managed.
  2. Adding a Days to wait before locking out stale accounts option.
  3. Adding Volatile password-strength settings which are intended to help users better secure their accounts by specifying:
    • The Minimum-allowed password strength (entropy). This is a numeric measure of how easily a password can be discovered in an attack; the greater the entropy number, the stronger the password. A strength of 64 or higher is recommended. Click Help me choose to learn more.
    • Any Domain-specific words that weaken password strength. Here you can enter terms that users might be tempted to use, but would weaken the password (e.g., the name of the platform or the name of their school).
    • If you want to Reject known-breached passwords. Clicking this engages a secure check of the chosen password against a database of passwords that are known to have been compromised.
  4. Adding Password-policy enforcement actions. These are the actions you want Buzz to take when users have passwords that don't conform to your policy. These options include combinations of warnings or blocks that you want implemented:
    • When a user changes their password without conforming to the policy.
    • When a user logs in with a password that doesn't conform to the policy.

Learn more: How do I set up my domain password policy?

Updated Digital Library UI

We've improved the Digital Library user interface!

Expand and collapse the library search fields with one click.

Add content to your cart with one click.

Publish Anywhere deep linking fully released

We have finished our beta testing phase of Publish Anywhere deep linking!

Publish Anywhere now supports deep linking to activities, allowing teachers to browse the content available to them and choose to add only what they want—all from within your chosen LMS.

Previously, teachers and other content authors had to import all activities (via IMSCC package) and delete what they didn't want. Deep linking allows for more flexibility and better supports teachers that want to add additional materials to their existing courses.

Deep links are made possible using an LTI 1.3 extension that allows for an LMS to query a third-party system for available content. You can then select which content you would like to use, and the third-party automatically creates links to those activities in the LMS.

Learn more


In this release, we:


In this release, we also:

  • Fixed an issue with the A student's grade drops below passing notification that prevented it from sending in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where administrators attempting to change their own password were not prompted for their existing password. 
  • Resolved a style issue with the Main menu > Course back arrow display when the course had a long name. 
  • Resolved a background style issue in the Course manager screen for a base course. 
  • Resolved a style issue with the position of the High contrast icon on the Choose theme screen. 
  • Updated theme settings to always use a Light color scheme when a user chooses the High contrast theme.
  • Resolved a style issue where the Order icon next to the courses on the Order courses screen could be clipped by courses with long names. 


Updates in version 2022.8.25.751.

Additions, Removal, or Changes:

  • We have removed the following APIs. Each of the APIs had previously been flagged as obsolete and have preferred alternate APIs:
    • DeleteMessages
    • GenerateAttempt
    • GetEnrollmentList2
    • RestoreCourses


  • None

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