Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Buzz Release Notes (2022-08-11; API version 2022.8.11.677) - Publish Anywhere deep linking beta!

A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in API version 2022.8.11.677 available on August 11, 2022.

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We're working to improve your SIS sync experience

Grade passback beta ready for participants!

Our grade passback using Buzz's SIS Sync (via OneRoster) is ready for beta!

Thanks to all those who signed up for our Grade passback beta! If you're interested, but haven't signed up, there's still time: System administrators can sign up to get ongoing updates about this feature and to have a chance to take part in our beta program.

  • You must use the Buzz SIS Sync (via OneRoster).
  • If you're not the system administrator in your organization, but want your school to participate, please send this form to your system administrator.

Grade passback participants must configure SIS Sync

Remember that, in order to participate, you must use the Buzz SIS Sync (via OneRoster). If you have signed up to participate, but haven't configured your SIS Sync, that is the first step.

Help us strengthen our SIS sync support!

As part of a focused effort to enhance the way we support your SIS sync integrations, we are looking for your input and experience. If you are a teacher or administrator using Buzz's OneRoster SIS sync integration, please take a moment to complete a three-minute survey.

Publish Anywhere deep linking beta

Publish Anywhere now supports deep linking to activities, allowing teachers to browse the content available to them and choose to add only what they want—all from within your chosen LMS.

Previously, teachers and other content authors had to import all activities (via IMSCC package) and delete what they didn't want. Deep linking allows for more flexibility and better supports teachers that want to add additional materials to their existing courses.

Deep links are made possible using an LTI 1.3 extension that allows for an LMS to query a third-party system for available content. You can then select which content you would like to use, and the third-party automatically creates those activities in the LMS.

Learn more and participate in our beta test.


In this release, we updated the teacher notifications associated with the A student's enrollment status changes option to include newly created and deleted enrollments.


Updates in version 2022.8.3.654.

Additions, Removal, or Changes:

  • None


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