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Buzz Release Notes (2022-01-27; v3.0.267) - Essay questions now accept audio/visual submissions!

Ryan Richins
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version v3.0.267 available on January 27, 2022.

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New audio and video essay submissions

Students can now record and upload audio and video submissions as part of their answers to assessment Essay questions and also as part of their workspace notes where they are allowed.

The file is inserted into the rich text editor field, so students can add content to it.

When teachers grade the assessment, the audio or video file appears in the Content tab of the Grade editor.


In this release, we also:

  • Improved the accessibility for screen-readers on the QuickNav.
  • Updated the language used in the Activity stream to remove mention of the System administrator
  • Updated the language used in the Password confirmation dialog for clarity.


  • Fixed an issue in Domain Settings where switching the Authentication type from Buzz to Domain, and then back to Buzz caused the Save button to remain disabled.
  • Removed the deprecated Calendar choice from the QuickNav's choices for a course.
  • Fixed an issue in QuickNav where choosing Communication for a course would show announcements for all courses instead of just the selected course.
  • Fixed an issue where the SpeechStream toolbar button did not appear when previewing an activity from the Editor.
  • Fixed a style issue in the Add resource dialog box in the Editor > Syllabus.


Updates in version 2022.1.25.127.

Additions, Removal, or Changes:

  • None.


  • Enrollment metrics: Fixed an issue where the failing attribute would return false when there were no graded activities, but there were activities with a ZeroUnscored grade flag.
  • GetGradeHistoryFixed an issue where a user ID of 0 could sometimes be recorded as the grader of an item.

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