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Happy 2022 from your friends at Agilix Labs!

Ryan Richins
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Our teams have put a lot of work in over the last year, setting the stage for an exciting new year with our partners, schools, teachers, and students.

Take a look at just some of the updates we made in Buzz and Publish Anywhere!

Buzz brings standards-based grading, interactive assessments, and more!

Buzz is always focused on improving the learning experience for all students and 2021 was no different, delivering continual improvements to accessibility and overall platform performance; ever expanding activity types and supported teaching models; and increased control and simplification at the administrative level. 

Standards-based grading models reflect improvement over time

New Flashcard activities help students review and memorize content

Flashcards are non-gradable activities designed to allow learners to review content and help them commit it to memory.

Learn more!

Becoming a content publisher is easier than ever with Publish Anywhere

Publish Anywhere, our newest product, continues to enable our partners to deliver powerful, secure, and consistent learning experiences to any LMS, giving schools a broader selection of content. 

Export for Moodle

Check out the our Dawn year in review!


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