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How do I manage email notifications in Dawn?

  • Updated:

In Account settings, admins and coaches can set up Dawn to send automated Email notifications for certain events, catalog entries, and students. Root/Site admins can also review this event information in the Reports > Event log.

  1. Open Account settings from your user menu.
  1. Scroll to the Email notifications card.
  2. Choose your Notification frequency.
    • If you choose Immediately, every specified event notification is delivered as an individual email when they occur.
    • If you choose Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, all specified events that occur between notifications are included in each email.
  3. Click Add subscription to specify each Email notification type.
  1. Specify which Event type you want notifications for. Options include: All events, New user (root admin only), New enrollment, New certification, Project submission, Project submission for coach review, Other instruction submission for coach review, or Coach question.
  2. Choose the Catalog entry you want notification for (not relevant or available for New user notifications).
  3. If you want to specify a single Learner to get these notifications for, select them here.
  4. Click Subscribe.

Root administrators can manage other admin and coach Email notifications anywhere they can access their user settings.


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